Thursday, August 13, 2015

Select By Centurion Chicago, Aug 16-17 - House of Baguettes

My name is Mike Hartman and I am the National Sales Manager for HOB.
I just want to let you know that my company will be exhibiting at the Centurion Chicago Show, Booth 06. That is the best time to see us as I think it will be beneficial for both our companies if you can see at the show.
You may be aware of our company and products... BUT, I would like to emphasize several of our collections. We have the most vast selection of bridal designs along with the industries best selection of larger semi mounts. In addition, we have an enormous selection of natural FY rings, earrings and pendants and are also well known for our diamond fashion jewelery.
Our workmanship is of the finest caliber, which I'm sure you will be impressed when you review our collection.
I would greatly appreciate your making an appointment, as this way, we can sit uninterrupted and focus in together on how we can provide our services and build a working relationship together.
Again, our Booth number is 06....please let me know if we can set up an appointment.
Best regards,
Mike Hartman 
House of Baguettes, NY 
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 224 
New York, NY 
212 840-0042